About The Tiara Foundation Society


The Founder

The Tiara Foundation Society is an organization that raises funds for single parents to pursue college or technical school in furtherance of their education. It is a network of social groups that meet 4 X's a year for lunch and to share fundraising and event ideas.   We welcome women twenty one years of age and older.   We look stylish in our tiara's PLUS we have a purpose~ a charitable cause.  We do not charge anything for membership and the funds we raise go toward an award for one single parent each year.

Each year we hold our big Tiara Gala - our largest annual fundraising event to increase our endowment. This year the Tiara Gala was held on Saturday, November 7th at the Franco American Club in Beverly featuring the popular band "Don't Call Me Shirley". The gala was a great success!

We expect to expand to every state in the U.S. and many countries around the globe. We believe that every woman is a princess and should be encouraged to celebrate her womanhood. We would like you to join us, and ask your friends to join as well - It’s easy and membership is free. Please fill out the membership form on our Membership Page and we will contact you with detailed information on the chapter nearest to you.  We will NEVER share your information with anyone ~ PROMISE.

As the founder of the Tiara Foundation Society I look forward to meeting you at your state’s Annual Tiara Gala and thank you personally for helping my dream become a reality. I have been battling re-current ovarian cancer for 5.5 years despite a dismal prognosis of 2 years (in 2008).  I was given a Tiara while recovering from a complication in a Boston hospital; the moment I put it on something magical happened. It was as if I was a little girl again playing dress up or making believe that I was a Princess. I realized the power of something as simple as that Tiara and how it could actually help provide a hope and assistance to other single parents.

My love of socializing and planning parties to benefit others has driven me to develop this foundation. I want to thank every one of my friends from the city of Beverly, Massachusetts and the North Shore Area who attended the first Board Meeting on Sunday November 17, 2013. Without their help I would not have been able to bring this dream to fruition.

I personally invite you to join this fun, unique, caring, social women’s club with a purpose. With your help we will provide an award to a *single parent each year and this will help them to continue her college or trade school education.  Please accept my personal invitation to join The Tiara Foundation Society. What have you got to lose?

Sincerely yours,

Eutawna Clark  A.K.A.  Tawna

* Applicants please see list of requirements to apply.  Simply click on "Cash Award" at the top of the home page.



Contact or donate to the Tiara Foundation Society via mail at:
The Tiara Foundation Society
39 Dodge Street
Box: 282
Beverly, MA 01915